Mini Dental Implant-Decide to Smile

by admin on October 20, 2012

Mini Dental Implant-Decide to Smile

If you have lost a tooth or teeth, visiting a Bend implant dentist is a necessity. However, when replacing missing teeth, implant dentistry can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, your Bend implant dentist has an easy solution: a mini dental implant, which can serve as a less expensive but still very effective option.

What is a Mini Dental Implant?

Technically speaking, a mini dental implant, or MDI, is any dental implant with a diameter of less than three millimeters. Because MDIs are smaller than traditional dental implants, they require a less invasive procedure to put in place. They also do not penetrate as deeply into the jawbone, allowing those with jaw issues to receive the implant with fewer complications than would normally be found using a larger implant. In the simplest of terms, your Bend mini implant dentist can use a mini implant to replace missing teeth or replace a tooth more quickly than normal.

What are the Costs of a Mini Dental Implant?

Because MDIs require less work and are implanted using a less invasive procedure, they tend to be a less expensive option than larger dental implants. Although the exact price depends on the specific case in question, a typical MDI placement can cost as little as half of what a traditional implant would be. Many dental insurance programs do not cover implants meaning that a mini implant from your Bend implant dentist might be desirable if you have missing teeth but are low on funds.

What are the Differences between Mini Implants and Normal Implants?

MDIs are smaller in diameter than a normal implant, so the procedure to place them in your jaw is different. While a typical implant is placed using a long surgical procedure, a mini implant requires less drilling in the jaw and less time taken. Healing time is decreased, since surgical aids can’t be used to help speed the healing process, but the procedure itself is minimally invasive. As with normal implants, a mini tooth implant allows a crown to be affixed on top, keeping your smile perfect even if you have lost multiple teeth.

Who are the Best Candidates for Mini Implants?

Your Bend implant dentist will work with you to examine all your options, and getting a mini dental implant might be the right choice for you. In addition to those who might benefit from the lower cost of MDIs, elderly patients can benefit from them in several ways. If you have loose lower dentures, MDIs can be a quick and effective way to seal them in place. Elderly patients also typically have weaker jawbones or are more susceptible to complications in long procedures, thus making mini implants more desirable. Finally, your Bend implant dentist might choose to use a mini implant to support your dentures or a conventional implant while your jawbone is in the process of healing.
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What is the Procedure for a Mini Implant?

A mini tooth implant is placed in much the same way a traditional implant is. A bone anchor is screwed into the bone of your jaw, and then your jaw heals around the implant, anchoring it into place and ensuring that a crown will not slip or click after it is placed. Unlike larger implants, though, an MDI usually does not require a surgical flap to aid in the procedure. As such, it is a minimally invasive operation that is conducted while the patient is under a local anesthetic. For a single missing tooth, only one MDC might be needed. For a number of missing teeth, several MDIs will be implanted to ensure stability when your crown is affixed.

Can Mini Implants and Normal Implants be Combined?

Once placed and affixed with an appropriate crown, the size of the implant is difficult to detect by all but the most skilled eyes. Typically, your Bend implant dentist will choose one implant or another. However, there are some cases when multiple types of implants will be used to replace a number of missing teeth. In these cases, your Bend implant dentist might choose to place a mini implant to help anchor the larger implant or to serve as a temporary fixture while your jaw heals. Regardless of the size of implant used, your smile will look flawless in the hands of a skilled dentist.

Whether you are looking into a mini implant out of money concerns, due to health issues, or if your Bend mini implant dentist has just recommended it as the best procedure for you, a mini dental implant is a great and affordable way to make sure that your smile remains in perfect shape.

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