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Dental Implants – The Basics

Although broken and missing teeth have traditionally been replaced with dentures and bridges in previous years, these are fast stepping aside and giving way to dental implants. These devices have been designed to look, feel and act like real teeth and they require the services and expertise of the right Bend implant dentist to install. This will ensure that they are properly designed and installed and that they serve the patient for many years to come.

Bend Implant Dentist

What are Implants?
A dental implant consists of a titanium post and a crown which covers the top of it, both of which work together form a completely natural-looking replacement for one or more missing or broken teeth. Once settled, these implants act and feel exactly like a patient’s original teeth. In some cases, they are used to replace uncomfortable denture and bridge sets as well. Patients who opt for implants will need to visit a Bend implant dentist to have an initial consultation performed. During this time, the dentist will determine whether the patient is in good enough health to make use of implants and he or she will also explain the entire procedure of having the implants inserted.

Dental Implants in Bend Oregon

How Long Do Implants Last?
Many patients have asked whether dental implants bend or break at all. As with a patient’s own teeth, it is quite possible for these devices to chip, crack, loosen and break if they are not properly cared for. However, when they are correctly cared for in that they are brushed and flossed regularly and no excessively hard foods are chewed, any Bend cosmetic dentist will state that dental implants have the ability to last for as long as 15 to 20 years – or even longer in some cases. In order to have them last as long as possible, it is also essential to ensure that they are inserted by a qualified Bend implant dentist.

Dental Implants

Ideal Candidates
Unfortunately, not everyone can be an ideal candidate for having dental implants inserted. Before agreeing to perform the procedure, any reputable Bend implant dentist will take the time to inquire about a patient’s overall health and medical history. Patients who have brittle bones or who have suffered significant amounts of bone loss in the jawbone area will not be able to have implants inserted, as these devices rely heavily on sufficient jawbone mass so that they can be correctly anchored in the mouth. Patients who smoke, who have any serious form of gum disease or who do not have sufficient gum tissue will also not be able to make use of any form of dental implants.

Dental implants are quite expensive, so it is important for patients to ensure that their health insurance is able to at least cover part of the procedure beforehand. In cases where a health care plan is not covering any of the cost, it is recommended that patients speak with their Bend implant dentist to find out whether it would be possible to work out some form of payment plan.


Bend Dentist Reviews

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Bend Dentist Reviews

Each year, thousands of oral care patients rely on the services of reliable and experienced dentists to help them take proper care of their teeth. Most patients will attest to the fact that finding just the right dental practice can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. However, this does not need to be the case, especially when they are able to find excellent Bend dentist reviews online or by word of mouth from other highly satisfied customers.

Obtaining the Best Bend Dentist Reviews
Before making a final decision with regards to choosing a dental practice, it is important for patients to peruse as many Bend dentist reviews as possible. This will help provide them with the necessary information to determine whether a particular dentist is worth visiting or not. Each of the dentists and oral care specialist at our practice in Oregon has received nothing but the best possible Bend dentist reviews when it comes to customer care and the products and services that are being offered. As a result, we have an extensive number of patients who are not willing to visit any other dental practice in the Oregon area.

bend dentist reviews

What to Look for
When searching for Bend dentist reviews, it is important for potential patients to ensure that they look for aspects such as whether existing clients are completely satisfied and whether treatments are affordable or not. It is also essential to ensure that a dental practice has more positive than negative reviews, as this will also determine whether they should be visited by new patients or not. It is also important to read any available reviews carefully to determine whether the complaints at hand are in fact valid, as there are cases where patients give bad reviews for little to no reason at all (such as no refreshments in the waiting area, for example or no free toothbrushes).

Choosing a Bend Dentist
Numerous oral care patients have provided our practice with excellent Bend dentist reviews because of the fact that we provide them with the best possible treatment options and service at all times. We are also able to cater for family members of all ages, effectively making us a true one stop dental care provider. Our qualified and experienced dentists are able to provide an extensive range of products and services such as whitening, fillings, tooth extractions, braces, dentures, bridge sets, dental plates, orthodontic braces and even dental implants. This means that our patients can have all of their oral care needs attended to in one place, which saves them a lot of time and money.

Saving on Dental Expenses
After reading numerous positive Bend dentist reviews and choosing to visit our practice, many patients ask how they can save money on their dental expenses. One of the most obvious ways to achieve this is to ensure that regular checkups are scheduled – at least once a year for adults and once every 6 months where children are concerned. Although dental checkups are usually not free of charge, they can help save money down the road because minor problems can be picked up and addressed before they become more serious. For example, a build-up of plaque and tartar can be professionally cleaned off of the teeth before it results in the development of cavities.

Scheduling Appointments
Another aspect to consider when reading through Bend dentist reviews is how easy it is to schedule an appointment – regardless of whether it is for a checkup or to have other procedures performed. Making an appointment at our dental practice is as simple as having the patient pop in to do it in person or make a call during office hours to find a time slot that is convenient for them. It is important for patients to remember though, that any appointments that are not kept may still be billed for – unless they are cancelled or rescheduled in advance. Patients should also ensure that they arrive a few minutes early so that they can fill out any paperwork or update their existing details with us.
Patients who have been searching for reviews of Bend dentists and who have not been successful can rest assured that we will always put their oral care needs first. All of our employees have many years of experience and each of them will ensure that all dental work that is carried out is done according to the highest industry standards possible. Potential patients who are satisfied with our Bend dentist reviews should call us today to schedule an appointment.



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