Family Dentistry: Who and What Services?

by admin on November 19, 2012

bend dentistOffering a wide range of services for the entire family, Bend family dentistry provides compassionate, gentle, experienced care. Whether you simply need a professional cleaning during a bi-annual checkup, continued monitoring of the dental development of your children, a cosmetic procedure or tooth replacement, your Bend family dentist has the ability and skill necessary for the job.

Dentistry for Children

During bi-annual check-ups, a Bend family dentist professionally cleans children’s teeth while teaching them good dental habits. X-rays are taken to ensure proper root development, tooth placement and to check for deep cavities. With affable compassion, the Bend family dentist shows children that dentists are kind, and dental exams are nothing to fear. Children receive fluoride treatment, fillings for cavities, and, if necessary, re-alignment. Offering clear braces, a modern system whereby a series of transparent aligners are custom designed to gradually straighten teeth, Bend family dentistry competently moves your child into adulthood with a dazzling smile.

Dentistry for Adults

Chipped, cracked and missing teeth, as well as crooked teeth and gaps that were not dealt with in childhood, the adult mouth has a variety of imperfections that can be easily remedied at Bend family dentistry. Discolored teeth are frequently treated in office with laser enhanced whitening, although at-home and non-laser whitening is available as well. Minor surface flaws can be addressed with bonding, a resin that bonds directly to the tooth, veneers which are custom-crafted to match your teeth and then adhered, and crowns and bridges, which fit over and completely cover the problem area. Of course, crooked adult teeth may also be re-aligned by means of clear braces.

Root Canals and Dental Sedation

bend implant dentist Sometimes, the root of a tooth can become infected and an abscess is created. This unfortunate event should be treated as soon as possible. Your Bend family dentist performs a root canal, a procedure whereby she removes the infected tissue, cleans the entire root canal and fills in the gaps. Since pain is likely, a variety of dental pain relief, such as a local anesthetic, is available. For those who suffer from fear and anxiety with dental procedures, dental sedation, such as laughing gas, is offered to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible. In fact, for those with severe fear and anxiety, IV sedation is offered as well.

Restoration Dentistry

More common as the patient ages, missing teeth can create a variety of problems. Difficulties with eating and speech, even concerns with sneezing and coughing, can all result from missing teeth. Of even more concern, the loss of a tooth can lead to loss of bone mass, since the tooth it supported is gone. Fortunately, Bend family dentistry offers a variety of dental implants to replace missing teeth. The root form provides the most natural replacement, but requires a wide, healthy jaw. Another convenient solution for many is a mini dental implant. This modern procedure typically requires only one surgery, local anesthetic, and attaches to either dentures or a custom-made crown.

Your Bend family dentist offers a full array of services to ensure the oral health of the entire family. From x-rays and regular cleanings to fillings and braces to dental implants, with caring professionalism, Bend family dentistry will listen to, and work with, you to keep every member of the family smiling.

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