Dental Implants: What you Need to Know

by admin on August 18, 2013

BEND IMPLANT DENTISTDental Implants: What you Need to Know

Serious dental problems can sometimes require a solution like an implant, bridge, or crown. If you’re going to go with implants, there are few things to know about how the process works.

Implants are a Bit More Expensive than Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and bridges are two of the most common solutions for addressing dental problems that are relatively serious in nature. Both of these solutions are a great way to fix a tooth that’s badly damaged or needs serious dental care, but they also have physical downsides. For example, a bridge actually requires that two adjacent teeth be filled. This can weaken the teeth over time, which isn’t exactly desirable. If you’re able to find dental implants in Bend, Oregon, however, you’ll be able to avoid these physical pitfalls and enjoy a solution that won’t see your teeth sustaining any further damage. For a few reasons, the dental implant is the way to go.

Know Exactly How a Dental Implant Will Work

Anyone looking for dental implants in Bend, Oregon will surely want to know exactly how this specific solution works and what it entails. While bridges and crowns can provide a nice solution to dental issues, an implant is a much safer and more guaranteed way to fix your dental problems. Once you’ve found a great doctor who can offer dental implants in Bend, Oregon, you’ll enjoy a replacement artificial tooth that’s actually physically drilled into your jawbone. Of course, the process for doing this is a little more intensive than other solutions, but the effects are long-lasting and will help to solve any of your dental issues in a serious way. For this reason, many turn to implants when in need of oral help.

Your Dental Implants Will Cost a Pretty, Pretty Penny

One of the factors that often winds up keeping individuals from finding dental implants in Bend, Oregon is the cost. Indeed, the price of a dental implant can often wind up being prohibitive for many individuals, even though the procedure is often covered by health and/or dental insurance. Before you start looking at professionals, it’s smart to check with your healthcare provider to make sure that a dental implant procedure will be covered by your plan. It’s a very costly thing to do, which leads many individuals to avoid the procedure if it isn’t covered by insurance. Many doctors offering dental implants in Bend, Oregon will charge three to five thousand dollars for a single tooth.

bend oregon dental implantDifferent Implants are of Different Quality

It’s important to make sure that you find out what type of implants your dental care professional will be using if you’re planning to get dental implants in Bend, Oregon anytime soon. No matter where you’re located, it’s smart to figure out the type of implant your dentist will use, as some are of much higher quality than others. Your dental implant is going to serve a very important purpose, and problems with them are incredibly irritating to fix. The highest-quality implants are typically made in Sweden. Some dentists might use a more generic, lower cost type of implant. Find out what type of implant your dentist will be using, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best implant possible.

Your Implants will be Completely Permanent

One of the reasons that the dental implant solution is preferred is because your implants are a completely permanent solution. Crowns and bridges can get damaged relatively easily, and/or might need to be replaced at some point. They’re simply affixed to your teeth with some kind of adhesive. An implant, on the other hand, is physically attached to your jawbone. This means that when you find dental implants in Bend, Oregon, it’s a lasting solution. This is one of the reasons that implants are preferred, and is also one of the reasons that it’s important to do your research before settling down into that dentist’s chair. Bend Implant dentist.

Maintenance is a Must When You’ve Got Implants in Your Mouth

Your new implants are going to require a lot of maintenance. Finding dental implants in Bend, Oregon can be a costly and time-consuming process, so it’s important that you maintain your new implants well. Neglecting to do so can lead to serious gum disease and other problems. Make sure that you brush and floss daily so that you can keep your new implants clean and free of irritating tartar or plaque buildup. These implants won’t put you at a higher risk of any dental issues, but they do require regular maintenance just like your regular teeth. Of course, it’s important to avoid the issues that led to the need for a dental implant in the first place.

Dental problems are rarely enjoyable, which is why implants are seen by many as a reliable and permanent fix to even the toughest problems. Call today if you think oral implants might be the right solution for you.

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