Bend Oregon Dental Implants

by admin on May 22, 2015

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Bend Oregon Dental Implants

Dental Implants – Smile Again

Dental patients who have missing teeth for any reason have often thought that the only options for replacing them would include dental bridges and denture sets. However, Bend Oregon Dental Implants, placed by Dr Yoli DiGiulio at Cornerstone Family Dentistry, are a far better option. These can be performed by a suitably qualified and experienced dentist, which will enable these patients to smile with complete confidence once again.

Prevent Bone Loss

When patients lose any number of teeth for any reason, not many of them are aware of the fact that this will ultimately result in them losing bone mass in the jawline area at the same time. Although it may not be noticeable at first, after a few years, it will have a significantly negative impact on their overall appearance – usually making them look many years older than they really are. Having Bend dental implants specialist, Dr Yoli DiGiulio, insert them as soon as possible. After losing even a single original tooth, dental implants can help prevent the bone loss from happening and it will also ensure that other dental implants can be inserted in the future should the need arise. More Information about Dental Implants.

Restore a Natural Smile

Many patients who have lost teeth over the years end up becoming embarrassed about this fact, which is turn results in them becoming too self-conscious to even smile. Patients who smile with missing teeth will normally also end up looking up to a decade older than they actually are because of the fact that the jawline recedes substantially. Most patients have reported that, after visiting a Bend implant dentist to replace their missing teeth with dental implants, they have once again felt confident enough to appear – and smile – in public.

bend oregon dental implants

Bend Implant Dentist

Replace Missing Teeth

The most obvious reason for patients resorting to having one or more bend dental implants inserted is to replace teeth that they no longer have due to them breaking, cracking or decaying because of poor dental hygiene habits. Once a Bend implant dentist has performed his or her job of providing a patient with the required amount of implants, patients will be able to rest assured that the rest of their teeth will not shift position and cause any further discomfort.

Enjoy Eating Again

Patients who have missing teeth are often not able to enjoy some of their favorite foods, such as a juicy steak or other foods that are hard or that require a lot of chewing. However, because Bend Oregon dental implants placed by Dr Yoli DiGiulio are able to mimic real teeth extremely closely, patients will usually not have any restrictions with regards to what they eat after having them inserted. In fact, many patients have reported that, after their implants had been inserted and the gums had fully healed, they were able to enjoy cold foods like ice cream or a drink of hot coffee once again.Bend oregon Dental Implant

Patients who would like to have a Bend dental implant specialist insert your next dental implant,  schedule a consultation with their Bend Implant dentist to determine whether this will be a suitable form of dental treatment for them. As implants can be quite expensive, it may be necessary to find out whether a patient’s healthcare plan will cover the cost or whether the chosen dentist will be willing to organize a payment plan for this type of treatment.

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